About Us

About Us

The crisis of using fossil fuels and environmental health improvement obstacles leads that the needs of human to new clean energy, including water, wind, solar, geothermal, biogas, etc. has become more important. Considering the volume of the world's oil reserves, if the trend of relying on fossil fuels in the world continues, besides the environmental problems, we will encounter the shortage of energy carriers. As the transportation sector has dedicated a significant share in energy consumption and environmental pollution, using the alternative fuels with lower pollution in this sector seems so imperative. The alternative fuels are derived from sources except than oil and reduces dependency on that. These alternative fuels include ethanol, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, hydrogen, biodiesel, electricity and methanol. Using these fuels for different kinds of automotives has been spreading throughout the worlds.

In 1387, Pishgam Ebtekar Energy Pak TOBA Co. was launched by investigating the market needs and extensive scientific and industrial research and cooperation with global prominent brands for playing proper role corresponding with the dual-burner program of five million cars (25% of country fuel share). And this company besides the qualitative superiority over the competitions, get an important record in meeting the needs of automotive companies and installation workshops across the country for consecutive years.

Corresponding to qualitative expansion of the consumer market, this company with their experienced and specialized staff and performing the pressure tank tests in accordance with national standards 6792 and 17025, is able to enter in this field by obtaining the necessary and different approvals from the standard institute. The honors of this company in the past years are preparing the large-scale test services for automotive companies and also manufacturing the complete hydrostatic test line equipment.

At present, the company has employed an efficient and effective research team, produces the electrical equipment and CNG kits with higher quality as possible and they consider the innovation, localization and creativity in their design and competition with largest European manufacturers is their targets so relevant products will be launched very soon in the market and these products have German TUV standard and European CE.

This company attempts for supplying the new, inexpensive and clean energies continuously and is ready to prepare the products and technical services along with newest and the most sophisticated technologies.