Production Process

The layout of production line for all of the equipment and workstations is Product-Layout type. Product-Layout is a system of layout in that all of the resources needed to produce the product are arranged in one line, as per the sequence of operations. In implies that various operations on raw material are performed in a sequence and the machines are placed along the product flow line.

ECU Change Switch  Over

The process of producing change over includes board of switch assembly and testing, change switch over-testing, and packing them in order to use it for ECU-CNG Sequential kits. So, This manufacturing process has been done to complete the ECU-CNG Sequential kits

ECU-CNG Sequential

The primary manufacturing processes of this kit include boards elements assembly, testing ECU board using its tester, putting the board in the box of ECU, sticking the plate, screwing the boxes, and labeling them. After this process, the change switch over and wire tree are packed as ECU-CNG Sequential pack and finally, all of the elements of the kit are tested and inspected accurately.